Telling the Truth

In last Saturday night's Republican debate Donald Trump acted unhinged but in reality he told the truth about George W. Bush and his record in supposedly keeping America safe after 9-11.  Indeed, Mr. Trump sounded more like a liberal Democratic in slamming the record of a Republican president.  The contention that Bush kept us safe is preposterous.  First, 9-11 did as Trump pointed out take place on the watch of Bush.  His Administration ignored multiple warnings that an attack was imminent which led to the death of more than 3000 people.

Then even more horrifying Bush decided to attack Iraq which has no role in 9-11 but according his neo-con liar advisers possessed weapons of mass destruction.  Of course this was a big fat lie and Bush then preceded to destabilize the Middle East, kill thousands of innocent people, and ultimately gave rise to ISIS.  I am very happy that Trump told the TRUTH and that it came during a Republican debate.

Bush should have been impeached over what he did to this country and indeed the entire world because of lies and his desire to vindicate this father who didn't manage to get rid of Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. The Bush family is a clan of sick and deranged people and hopefully after Jeb is humiliated further they will go away,

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