The Arizona Lunatic

Regular reader are aware of my total disdain for Arizona Senator John McCain.  I think he is mentally ill and should be in a lunatic asylum and not the United States Senate.  Apparently the very senior Senator from Arizona disagrees with this opinion and announced this week that he will seek re-election to a sixth term in 2016 when he will be 80 years old. McCain is a dangerous deranged war monger who wants to get the country in every possible war around the globe.  He is an outright militarist and in my view has no regard for human life -except of course for embryos. In seeking a sixth term he is looking to become the oldest man to ever serve in the Senate dethroning that other great American hero Strom Thurmond.  I have no faith that the people in Arizona will reject him since their record in selecting representatives suggest they like nuts. Therefore we can only hope that providence will intervene and spare the Senate and the country from the ravings of this dangerous bitter man who has never gotten over being denied the presidency.

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