The Attempted Town Hall Coup

Yes, there is a coup attempt currently under way in the USA.  Hard to imagine it, but it's unfolding before your very eyes and ears.  There is a segment of the population -mostly white, male and uneducated – that refuses to believe we have a black president.  To be honest, they are racists. In the health care issue they have found a platform and are now known as the "mob".  The mob is now showing up armed. This mob is directly daily by Rush Limbaugh who has apparently taken on the role of Minister of Propaganda much like Goebbels was for Hitler and the Nazis.  Limbaugh is my humble opinion, basically inciting to riot.  He is brilliant at what he does, and that's what makes him so dangerous.  He is whipping up the old folks, a major demographic for him.  And these poor souls get scared and show up screaming and shouting at these town halls.  In essense we have an attempt to over throw the results of the last election, and in my book that's a coup attempt. 

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