The Big Snow Job

It was supposed to be the snow storm that would make history.  It was the blizzard of all blizzards bearing down on the northeast.  You could not put on your TV without listening to some “weather expert” warn people that this was a serious situation and that the end of the world was surely near.  The dire forecasts of snow armageddon prompted politicians in the tri-state area to hold press conferences extolling the public to hunker down.

Indeed, the idiot mayor of NYC decided to shut down the city as of last night.  No subways, and nobody allowed on the roads.  All bridges and tunnels into NYC was shut as of last night.  The city went into lock down.  The weather people said the city could get as much as THREE FEET of snow.

Here in New Jersey there were similar forecasts.  I went to bed last night with the feeling that this “huge snow storm” was being over hyped by a media that loves to scare the crap out of people and by politicians that like to appear before the camera.  This morning when I awakened I looked out at my driveway and just laughed.  Maybe there is four inches of snow.  Then I turned on the TV (and yes we still had power) and watched the fools still reporting on the great storm.

These morons were very reluctant to give snow totals since their projections were so off base.  Bottom line is that NYC got at most 8 inches of snow.  Meanwhile the city is still shut down by no transport.  Business will lose millions of dollars because folks can’t get to work and some of these folks will not get paid.  The panic induced by the media relative to this non-event is an utter disgrace but you won’t hear any apologies from the loud mouth news reporters.  The bottom line is that it’s January in the northeast and we get snow.  In this particular case it was a snow job caused by the media and publicity seeking politicians. .

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