The Bronx feels the Bern

Yesterday Bernie Sanders had a crowd of almost 20,000 rally for him in The Bronx.  No matter where I may roam in my life I will always be a "boy from the Bronx".  I was born in the shadow of Yankee Stadium and the Bronx will always be a special place for me so I was really happy to see the turnout for Bernie yesterday.  It was a diverse crowd that came to hear the Vermont senator and they loved his message.  I particularly liked the part of his speech when again he called for Hillary to release the transcripts of her $250,000 Wall Street speeches.  For that money they must be great speeches so what's the problem for Hillary in releasing them?  The problem is she was pandering to her Wall Street friends that own her lock, stock, and pant suit.  

Bernie Sanders was born to humble origins in Brooklyn and is a true New Yorker unlike Hillary who was born in Chicago, lived in Arkansas, and then when she wanted to run for office packed her carpet bag and came to New York where she now lives in Chappaqua which I had the misfortune of spending many years.  Chappaqua is perfect for her.  A phony nouveau riche enclave of limousine liberals.  I am lighting candles in the hope the Bernie beats the witch from Chappaqua in the New York primary.  Meanwhile I am so proud of my home town for turning out for a REAL person.  Agree or disagree with Bernie he is sincere in this beliefs and doesn't stick his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.  We people from the Bronx and REAL New Yorkers appreciate that quality.  

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