The Carson Con

To be sure, Donald Trump is a world class con artist.  I worked on Wall Street for many years and saw many a con artist in action.  Take it from me Trump is in a class by himself.  Still the Republican presidential field did harbor another con artist.  This one was more subtle and not obvious to the typical American moron.  Dr. Ben Carson is an utter money grubbing con artist.  He only ran for president to enrich himself and those around him in business.  No high minded stuff for sure.  The man wanted the attention a presidential run would give him. Gave him access to great mailing lists when people were stupid enough to donate money to a campaign that Carson never intended to be serious.   These lists were valuable.  They would be sold to others who were often affiliated Carson companies.

Then of course there was the book tour in the middle of his supposed run for the White House. I'm sure Carson is planning on writing a great book about his fake candidacy.  You see folks this was all about MONEY.  Oh yes, he was considered the truly pure of character jerk in the race.  Sure he uttered incomprehensible nonsense most of the time but he was the favorite at least for awhile among the evangenicals.His was a great tale of rising from horrible life experiences to one of the best surgeons.  Perhaps Carson does have some good qualities.  However for my part he has evolved into callous con artist.  What a jerk!!!!

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