The Creep Governor of North Carolina

Perhaps I should just start a blog about all the odd lots that compose the ranks of the Republican Governors in the USA, but for now I will just try to expose these cretins as time permits on this thread.  The latest jerk to catch my attention is the Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory who along with a far right-wing legislature is attempting to turn the once proud progressive state of North Carolina into a far right horror show.  Perhaps McCrory’s most heinous crime is trying to prevent thousands of poor people from voting in the state by imposing harsh voter ID laws.  It’s a blatant attempt to suppress black turnout in elections. Critics also blame the governor who had worked at Duke Energy for 29 years for blocking the investigation into coal ash dumping violations by Duke Power that have caused environmental problems in the state. And this creep of a man also managed to get an employee of a restaurant fired for not being nice enough to him.  Really folks where does the GOP come up with these guys?  I always loved to visit North Carolina when I traveled for business finding it a gracious place full of lovely people.  However, today the politics of the state does not reflect that reputation.

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