The Death Penalty

Once upon a time I thought that the death penalty was a just punishment for those accused of heinous crimes. However, over the years my views have changed and now I think capital punishment should be abolished. There are several reasons for my change of heart.  First, I have become convinced that the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime.  Just look at the horrendous crimes that still take place.  Additionally, there is  ample evidence to suggest that in some cases innocent people are put to death by the government.  Also you can make a case that capital punishment represents cruel and unusual punishment.  A recent execution in Ohio was a horror story with the person being put to death clearly was in terrible pain before finally expiring. Lastly, I really believe that life in prison without parole is a much better punishment for those that commit ghastly crimes.  The USA is one of the few countries left in the world that actually executes people.  Other that allow the death penalty are North Korea, Botswana, and Syria.  I think we should be better than those wonderful countries!!!

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