The Don Sterling Mess

To be sure, I have no use for racists.  Indeed, racists are among the lowest forms of human life and more often than not just uneducated morons.  However, there is a point where being a racist should not in my view subject one to the type of vilification that LA Clippers owner Don Sterling is being subjected to in the last few days.  After all he proclaimed his sentiments in the privacy of his own home and was secretly recorded by his sleazy girlfriend.  Maybe he deserved it for hanging out with a girl about 50 years younger than him who was obviously not interested in him for his looks. What really gets me going however is the non stop media coverage of this episode.  One would think that there are other more pressing problems to make headlines like the fact that the planet is in crisis due to climate change and that there may be no earth left for our grandchildren if we don’t stop polluting the air.  Just look at the recent weather and the cable networks should be covering this disaster non-stop instead of the ranting of an old bigot.  I also get a kick out of the NAACP who now roundly condemn Sterling when it was getting reading to honor him with a humanities award.  Then of course Jesse Jackson had to show up at the Clippers game last night.  You know folks there are more important things in life than the NBA.

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