The Douche Bag’s third term

Regular readers know of my utter disdain for Michael Bloomberg.  He is simply put a major "douche bag".  When he changed the term limits law so he could run for a third term he explained that only he was capable of guiding the city in these perilous times.  Indeed, it was the ultimate in hubris but not surprising coming from a person that obviously thinks himself as the center of the universe.  He won the election by a much narrower margin than expected and only because the douche bag outspent his opponent by nearly 100 times.  Well what has his third term been like?  Well the douche was unable to clear the streets of snow following a December blizzard, and yesterday his ridiculous pick for school chancellor was fired because she was totally unqualified for the position in the first place but was hand picked by the greatest manager in the world!  The myth of Michael Bloomberg being a great manager and great mayor is finally exposed.  He is in short, just a conceited, incompetent DOUCHE BAG.

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