The election is over

Twenty four hours can be a lifetime in politics and surely some unexpected event could materialize that will prevent President Obama from being reelected.  The Tea Party (which used to be known as the GOP) still has lots of money but if they haven't already convinced the country that Obama is really a Muslim socialist then the chances are they are out of time.  And then you have the R&R boys who made fools out of themselves on national TV yesterday by not being able to answer any question in a substantive manner. These guys are are inept morons who should be laughed off the national stage and would be if they didn't have so much money behind them from the mega-rich who just care about themselves. 

Had some interesting conversations this weekend with some folks who hate Obama and very forthrightly take the attitude that even though they are rich don't want to pay an extra penny in taxes to help the less advantaged in our society.  They claim that they worked "hard" for their money and don't want it spent to help those who haven't been so lucky financially.  They claim they had their own businesses and built them up and that folks that aren't so lucky are just well – out of luck.  The interesting thing is while these small business people carry on about paying more in taxes you can bet that all if not most of them take lots of money in as cash and never pay taxes on that amount of income.  We all know that's true.  Now these people don't even want to pay modestly higher taxes on the amount they do declare!!!  Yeah they built it but they milk society!!!!

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