The End of the GOP

It appears very likely that when the voting is over tomorrow the Republican Party will have as its nominee Donald Trump.  The unthinkable is about to happen.  The party of Lincoln will be taken over by an overt racist that hedges about condemning the KKK.  It will be taken over by a madman who indeed knows nothing about government.  Trump is a man who knows nothing of foreign policy and who horrifies the world beyond the USA.  Our standing as country will take the most severe hit in my lifetime.  Only a miracle (and I don't believe in miracles) can save our national pride.  The current push back to Trump's insanity is way too little and much too late and is doomed to failure.  

The Republican Party has been tempting fate ever since 1968 when Richard Nixon implemented his "Southern Strategy" which was an overt appeal to racial prejudice.  Since then the GOP has been the dominant party in the states of the old confederacy.  The Tea Party movement of 2010 had its roots in the South and this movement was the harbinger of Trumpism.  Anger is now sweeping the country and in the end anger always destroys both individuals and institutions.

One can say that the GOP is getting what they deserve since I am confident that come November Trump will go down in flames and that Republicans will likely lose control of the Senate and lose several seats in the House.  Still there will be a great loss for our democracy that should have a strong two party system.  Perhaps out the ashes of the November debacle a new GOP can be structured.  However, I doubt that will happen.  A party that has voters that can pick Donald Trump as their nominee is finished.  A new reasonable conservative party will have to emerge.  

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