The Fat Slob and the Con Man

Well the Fat Slob governor of New Jersey endorses Trump.  Two bullies.  A perfect match.  After being humiliated in the race for the presidential nomination the Fat Slob is attempting to be relevant.  One thing the Slob can't do is be out of the spotlight.  He needs attention as much as he needs those shakes.  Christie's approval rating here in New Jersey is below 30%.  He has been a disaster for the state.  Our bond ratings have reached rock bottom under his administration.  The man is a total fraud and now he attempting to hitch his wagon to Trump.  He totally disgusts me.  I recently finished a book about the Fat Slob which tells the story of how he wanred to be president since he was in junior high. It must have really killed him that after living in New Hampshire for six months he got only 6% of the vote.

It figures that a man who in my opinion was complicit in the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge which resulted in the death of one woman and thousands of kids stranded on school buses just to settle a political score would endorse a cretin like Trump.  The Fat Slob also must be angling for a job if Trump (God Forbid) would ever be president.  Well you know what try as you may to be relevant you will always be just a loud mouth Fat Slob!!!

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