The Fat Slob Clears Himself

In what must be one of the biggest jokes in political history the Fat Slob Governor of New Jersey commissioned a report that was going to look into the GW lanes closure last September.  The commission was composed of Christie cronies and today this august panel will issue its findings that the Fat Slob knew nothing of the closures and neither did any of his “current” aides.  Of course the report which cost the taxpayers of New Jersey more than $2 million never bothered to interview the three most noted persons in this travesty including Bridget Kelly who sent the famous email ” time for some traffic trouble in Fort Lee”.  She of course is seeking immunity from prosecution at this time.  Also not interviewed was this Bill Stepien character who was jumbo’s chief political adviser at the time and was in constant touch with Kelly.  What really is amazing is that Christie really thinks this bogus report will clear him and that the entire scandal will just go away, and he can resume his quest of the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016.  The contempt that this Fat Slob shows for virtually everybody is really staggering. On the other hand the incompetence of the Democrats in New Jersey who supposedly are still investigating Bridgegate is also staggering.  It seems to me they are not keeping the pressure on Christie and who knows how they are being paid off to keep things low-key?  Such a disgrace!!!!

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