The Fat Slob has a thing with bridges

The Fat Slob Governor of New Jersey evidently has a thing with bridges. Perhaps it’s a bridge fetish but in any event it seems that Chris Christie is now the focus of another potentially criminal investigation for his role in the repairing of the Pulaski Skyway. I remember my outrage when this rotund moron vetoed the proposal for another Hudson River rail tunnel saying that it was too expensive.  Of course the rail tunnel made a ton of sense since it would have helped promote mass transit and take the pressure off the crowded roads in New Jersey along with the environmental advantage of reducing car emission pollution.  Now it seems there were good reasons for the Fat Slob to veto the tunnel since it gave him the opportunity to line the pockets of cronies and eventually himself. Indeed, is there no limit to this man’s gall?  In a long line of corrupt New Jersey politicians Christie seems to be setting himself apart to lead the pack.  Meanwhile this joker continues to play the clown by going on late night TV and making a jerk out of himself by dancing with Jimmy Fallon.  If there is any justice in this world this man will end of behind bars.

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