The Fat Slob is Jilted

The Fat Slob (aka Chris Christie) desperately wanted to be Trump's VP.  He did all but wipe Trump's ass (and perhaps he even did that) in his desire to be on the ticket.  Alas it didn't pay dividends since Trump went with the religious nut from Indiana.  Reports suggest that the Fat Slob is crushed that being Trump's manservant failed to produce the nomination.  Even his runs to McDonald's to procure the orange haired creep burgers and fries was not enough.  Honestly folks it gives me great pleasure to know that The Fat Slob is despondent about not getting picked. He is one of the most disgusting people on the planet and deserves all the humiliation that is available.  I'm sure he now hopes he can be attorney general.  That's a laugh!!!  First Trump would have to win and that isn't going to happen.  And even if Trump did pull it off there is a chance that The Fat Slob will be in jail.  More Bridgegate  stuff will soon be coming out.  Also what happened to the Slob's cell phone from that time period which has suddenly gone missing??  Yesterday's Christie's buddy who was his personal pick for Port Authority Chairman pleaded guilty to corruption charges and faces a couple of years in the slammer.  Can't wait until the Fat Slob gets what he really deserves.  

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