The Fat Slob is Repulsive

Of all the candidates running for the Republican nomination the most repulsive is the inept governor of my home state the illustrious Chris Christie who is better known as the FAT SLOB.  This man really thinks that by ignoring the people of New Jersey since his re-election and by being out of the state 60% of 2015 he can secure a serious place in the GOP nomination fight.  Mainly he has been living in New Hampshire doing his famous town hall meetings and as usual lying through this teeth.  I must admit though that I attended one of his meetings here in Jersey and he is very good at lying.  Anyway the repulsive whale now has a 60% disapproval rating in the Garden State but still his massive ego convinces him that he is a viable presidential candidate.  

Yesterday was the final straw for me and prompted me to write this post when he blasted Senator Marco Rubio for missing Senate votes.  What nerve!!!  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!! Well perhaps it's just as well that the Fat Slob is out of state where it will be more difficult for him to orchestrate political vendettas like closing lanes of the George Washington Bridge where traffic got so bad kids missed school and one woman died of a heart attack. Really folks this man is a disgrace but I'm sure he will end up as a Fox News commentator once this presidential quest of his is over.  

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