The Fat Slob on Center Stage

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Tonight, myself, and millions of other Americans will get to hear the Fat Slob himself deliver the keynote address to the assembled Tea Party members in Tampa.  The reviews are already in though and he was a SMASH hit!!!  Hit it out of the park.  Morning Joe will be having multiple orgasms over the speech and it will be deemed an instant classic by the pundits.  You see the press has this infatuation with Chris Christie.  They love the story of a fat slob, obnoxious bully from New Jersey.  They have created a cult of personality around the Fat Slob so even if he goes out there tonight and lets loose with flatulence that levels Tampa he will be phenomenal!!  Such is the state of our political system today that has a media which elevates the like of Chris Christie and ignores the blatant racist lies coming from the Romney campaign. 

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