The Fat Slob’s fat will soon be in the fire

It seems that before too long things are going to get very interesting for the Fat Slob.  The Feds have commissioned a grand jury to investigate the various charges against Christie and his cronies in both the Bridgegate fiasco and it appears the misuse of Sandy relief funds. Of course the sociopath governor of New Jersey still proclaims his innocence in any of the events leading up to the grand jury investigation and he cites the report by HIS lawyers clearing him of any wrong doing.  But as pointed out by the NY Times his lawyers refuse to release the backup data for that report including the claimed 70 interviews that helped persuade them that Christie did no wrong.  Regular readers know that I was on to the Fat Slob before all the scandal broke and his popularity was riding high.  He was always a phony, bully and thug in my opinion.  Now a grand jury which has the power to bring CRIMINAL indictments will hear the evidence.  I got a feeling that before too long the Fat Slob’s fat will be in the fire.

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