The First Clown in the Car

Well it's official.  The first clown in the Republican Clown Car is Texas Senator Ted Cruz who announced today that he is running for president.  Senator Cruz is a favorite of the Tea Party and religious conservative nuts and while his candidacy is widely expected to go nowhere it's indicative of the current state of the Republican Party that someone of his complete brand of crap can even expect to be nominated.  If you remember Cruz was the moron who prompted the shut down of the government and filibustered in the Senate by reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  The man is devoid of any qualification to be president except for his tremendous ego.  His entry into the race will likely prompt more Republicans to come forward with Senator Rand Paul expected to be the next occupant of the clown car.  It's gonna be fun to watch these Republicans battle it out to see who will be nutty enough to attract the crazies that vote in Republican primaries. 

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