The Full Moon Debate

Tomorrow night we will be treated to another Republican debate.  This one should be extra hilarious since it will be held during a full moon.  Now folks these people are crazy enough but given the propensity for a full moon to really bring out the crazies this debate should be extra special.  Just think of it.  Donald Trump who in my view is mentally deranged is beginning to really lose it since and even bigger nut job in the person of Ben Carson is now besting him in Iowa,  I must admit to finding it delicious that Trump who is a racist supreme is being beaten by a black man!!!  Anyway watch for these two guys to really show the effect of the full moon by going off the charts crazy.  Then of course we have Jeb Bush who is becoming more pathetic with every passing day.  He is so desperate he is running to his big brother for help.  His big brother who led this country into the most disastrous war in its history and who brought about a financial crisis that nearly sent us all to the poor house. He has become so desperate that he should be good for many laughs tomorrow night.  Then of course we have my personal favorite the Fat Slob governor of my state who recently got kicked off a train for being a big mouth.  Chris Christie is a delusional mega maniac who who completely abandoned being governor of New Jersey where nearly 200 bills are sitting on this desk waiting for review while he drags his fat ass all over New Hampshire looking for a miracle. He should be in rare form tomorrow. Of course the aforementioned Ben Carson may really be the big surprise by awakening from his stupor and coming out with some really memorable moments.  Aferall he admitted this weekend that he nearly killed a man when he was fourteen. 

There will be others on the stage as well including Carly Fiorina who is sure to make up some garbage that is pure fiction and then later have the nerve to defend what she said.  However, I am looking forward to her going after Hillary.  So folks get out the popcorn and skip the World Series and tune in this debate.  You are sure to get Moonstruck.

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