The Inmates are now in charge

The recent election was truly a watershed.  The inmates have taken over the aslyum.  To be sure, those that consistently said "no" to every constructive proposal in Congress are now running the show.  Now they can actually propose "nothing" in place of saying "no".  They will go to Washington sipping tea and will proceed to really screw up the place.  For the most part those tea baggers who were elected on Tuesday are nothing less than political morons with no sense of the big picture problems that are facing the USA.  Tuesday will however, prove to be the last hurrah of the angry white old men.  They will soon die out and be replaced more than likely with brown skinned folks who will vote with a lesser degree of racism.  Make no mistake.  The anger this week was directed at an educated bi-racial man and his black wife who should still be down on the farm rather than in the White House.  Foreign money influenced this campaign and the interests of other nations were paramount in taking down Obama.  While all the emphasis has been on the economy looming on the horizon will be international problems that may make the unemployment situation non-relevant.  The inmates will be in over their heads, and heaven help all of us.

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