The Iowa Freak Show

Thank goodness that the Iowa freak show is over.  Willard Romney came away with an eight vote victory over the Holier than Thou Rick Santorum with Ron Paul close behind and the moronic Rick Perry and the totally insane Michele Bachmann probably getting their walking papers. Got to admit I will miss these two idiots since they were very entertaining.

As for Willard it's clear that most of the nuts in the GOP are not in love with this guy.  In fact, the more I listen to him the more repulsive he becomes.  The sweater vest man who placed second looks like the prime alternative to Romne buty he will soon be destroyed by Willard's PAC money.  The negative campaign against Santorum will point out that he is truly a dope who is totally unqualified to be president.

Romney will be endorsed today by another psycho when John McCain gives his blessing.  Can Sarah Palin be far behind?

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