The Iowa Nonsense

I really can't get over the fuss made about the Iowa "caucus" next week.  Why should we pay any attention to the outcome of a vote that will be heavily influenced by folks who are religious fanatics and totally out of the mainstream of American political thought.  Perhaps I am just an east coast elitist but I really don't give a damn about what these morons think of the GOP presidential field which is quite frankly an embarrassment to the country.  Just think of it.  There is Mitt Romney the presumed strongest challenger to Obama who was a failed governor of Massachusetts.  At one time he was a moderate to liberal Republican now he has "converted " to conservatism  just in time to impress the hayseeds in Iowa.  The man has no core principles. Then there is the delusional Newt Gingrich,and the totally stupid and comical Rick Perry. Michele Bachmann should be serving coffee at one of Iowa's more fashionable lunch counters.  Ron Paul is a lunatic (except for his enlightened position on drug legalization) and Rick Santorum is a truly repulsive self righteous fool.  None should be allowed in any vicinity of the Oval Office.

And don't forget before being accused of various sex  escapades, Herman Cain was the ring master for this group of clowns.  So for my part, I will totally ignore the results of this irrelevant Iowa event.  The only good thing is that Obama looks great compared to any of the above.

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