The Messiah

Now let’s be clear from the get go.  I believe that John McCain is the most horrible candidate ever nomininated in my lifetime.  I have been an active Republican for most of my life, but could never vote for McCain, who I firmly believe would get us involved in more wars.  Additionally, the Republicans have totally messed up in Washington and don’t deserve to be in power.  This is particulary true on the economic front where Republicans have spent like drunken sailors. Also, on the issue of energy which is so vitally important to the nation’s future Republicans have done nothing to improve the situation.  For these reasons I was leaning toward voting for Barack Obama, but that has changed.  Obama is walking around like he is the Messiah.  Yesterday he claimed he was the "symbol" of what is good in America and that’s why 200,000 Germans came out to cheer him.  Obama’s ego is out of control.  He is walking around like he is already the president.  History teaches us to beware of such cults of personality.  Looks like I sit out this election, or vote for the Libertarian.

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