The Most Disgusting Person in the World: Hillary Clinton

Poor Hillary.  A lady hurled a shoe at her yesterday.  Unfortunately it missed its intended target for if anyone deserves to be belted by a shoe (the ultimate form of disrespect) it’s Hillary.  Seems Hillary was making one of her hugely expensive (reportedly gets $200,000) speeches to a group of garbage men when the incident occurred. To be sure, it was a fitting audience for her since if anyone knows anything about garbage it has to be Hillary.  Before announcing whether or not she will run for president the former first lady is on a speaking tour netting her millions.  She has a book coming out soon that will bring in more loot.  Both Hillary and Bill love money more than anything so these are good times for this repulsive duo.  Moreover, the former Secretary of State is canceling another speech which was scheduled for today for fear that relatives of people killed in the Benghazi episode were going to picket her appearance.  Too bad Hill, guess you have to give up that fee but I’m sure you have a long list of other folks who want to hear you babble on about how informed and great you are.  This women truly disgusts me and God help us if she ever becomes president.  Just may induce me to leave the country.

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