The Most Disgusting???

The 2016 race for president has so many disgusting candidates running it's really hard to decide to who is the most disgusting.  

Donald Trump is a complete vulgarian who would be an embarrassment to the country if he were elected.  

Ted Cruz is a religious zealot who looks like Dracula.  

Marco Rubio is a poor excuse for a human.  

Dr. Carson seems to be totally stoned at all times.  

But of course my candidate for the most disgusting Republican is the Fat Slob from New Jersey.  Of course Christie had his big moment of Saturday when he revealed to the world that Marco Rubio was an empty suit.  Still the fact remains that Christie is a total jerk and has been a terrible governor of my home state.  He is vicious and unprincipled and hopefully after he finishes close to last tonight he will go away.  The man is a disgrace to humanity.  

On the Democrat side we have Hillary Clinton who is a corporate stooge, liar, and most likely a criminal.  She will never be president.  Bernie Sanders is a socialist with no chance of winning.  His rise is more of a factor of voters hating Hillary than an endorsement of his socialist policies.  So who the most disgusting?  The Fat Slob from New Jersey and Hillary.

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