The Political Twilight Zone

It’s really hard to imagine the political situation in our country being much worse than it is at this moment.  The leading candidates for president are both horrible people.

On the Republican side it appears very likely that Donald Trump will be the nominee. Besides having a completely obnoxious persona he is also a racist bigot who has manged to get ahead of an equally terrible field of candidates by not uttering one substantive policy position. He is a reality TV star that is seeking the most important office in the world and is my opinion is totally embarrassing the USA on the world stage.  He has managed to manipulate the anger is so many people that he looks to be a lock for the nomination.  The Republican party is getting exactly what it deserves for years and years of stoking racial hatred and animosity.  The only delight I get in seeing Trump rise is watching the Republican “establishment” wring their hands in despair.

On the Democrat side it looks certain that unless she is indicted Hillary Clinton will be the nominee.  Of course she could also drop dead because of her health issues which of course are being covered up by the main street media.  She not a well woman either mentally or physically.  She is Wall Street’s best friend and a corporate hack. She is also a huge liar that has no to major accomplishments in her long public life.  He claim to fame right now is that supposedly she has a vagina.  She was a horrible Senator and an even worse Secretary  of State.  She would be a polarizing and incompetent president.

Folks this is not a pretty picture.  Indeed, it’s the twilight zone.

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