The Right Wing Slime Machine- Fox and Drudge

There is no doubt that there is a vast right wing slime machine in this country and it's led by Fox News and the Drudge Report.  Yesterday, for lack of anything better to do I tuned into the Fox Business Channel for the first time in weeks.  In the midst of a huge stock market rally this poor excuse for a business network was finding every negative thing it could to dispell the notion that the rally could last.  Indeed, they were focusing on how horrible Obama is and how health care reform will bankrupt the economy.  Of course, the cheerleading was led by the bevy of blonde bimbos that Fox pays to read telepromters.  This morning the Drudge report is filled will Obama hatred that I'm sure will find it's way into the content of Rush Limbaugh's program today.  For those who claim there is a liberal bias in the media a quick turn of the channel or a click of a mouse will dismiss their bogus charges.

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