The Second Term

I've been pretty quiet here since the election ended.  Needed to take a rest from all the nonsense surrounding the last election.  Yesterday I did manage to watch some of the inauguration and my most prevalent thought was how lucky the country was that Mitt-Witt was not the one taking the oath of office. As for Obama his speech was decidedly progressive in nature and I sure hope he really tries to implement some of the things he mentioned.  Climate change is obviously a problem that must be addressed by any thoughtful president and it seems that Mr. Obama recognizes this fact.  The future of the planet is at stake and we cannot afford to listen to the reactionary Republicans who continue to deny what is obvious to any person with an intellect.  I was also glad to hear Obama mention gay rights and the drive for equality for all people.  Still, I came away from yesterday's festivities with an empty feeling that nothing will change in the next four years.  Our political system is so broken I cannot muster any optimism about it being fixed any time soon.  I hope I'm wrong. And by the way, I think Michelle's new hair style is hilarious.  She looks ridiculous.

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