The Stench

Some folks have criticized me for being too hard on Mitt-Witt and calling him all sorts of names.  Now comes the story from Politico that the Mormon Moron is also not too popular with his running mate who refers to him as "The Stench".  I must admit that when I read that story I broke out in laughter because if ever a word described the Romney campaign it surely is "stench".  Even Eddie Munster knows that Mitt-Witt is going down in flames and now, like that other intellectual giant Sarah Palin, is going rogue.  Ryan's day in the sun is now gone since he decided to team up with The Stench and he will do everything he can to rebuild his image so the Tea Party legions will still think of him kindly after the election.  But I have news for the butt kisser Ryan – you are finished!!  I warned readers about this phony when he was chosen.  He is an opportunist with no real regard for the country.  Believe me.  I know some of his friends and they are of the same ilk.  You know the expression that you can tell much about a person from who they hang out with.  Anyway, getting back to The Stench I can't understand how any intelligent person could vote for him.  If you can't run a credible campaign how can you possibly run the country?? 

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