The Stock Market -That sinking feeling

In it's original incarnation this blog focused mainly on financial and stock market issues.  In recent months I have steered more toward social commentary but my roots are still firmly planted in financial issues and particularly the stock market.  To that extent I felt I should comment on the current condition of the stock market.  Indeed, I feel compelled to do so since I want to warn investors that a huge crash may be in the wings.  The market has had a remarkable recovery from the meltdown lows of 2008 and too many investors are once again feeling complacent about their holdings which could turn out to be a very costly attitude.  From my years of experience I sense that the market is getting technically very dangerous and if a disaster occurs like failure to raise the debt limit and national default the stock market could nose dive big time.  And while I had believed that the debt limit situation would be addressed by reasonable people, the attitude of the Republicans on this matter negates that belief.  We are in real danger here folks so a word to the wise:  BEWARE

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