The Stupidity of Ford

I need a new car.  My wife decided that although we had wonderful success with Toyota for our last few cars that she wanted to "buy American".  So I went to the local Ford dealership in Maryland and decided on a Ford Focus.  When the salesman was writing up the deal he did not budge from his quoted price which I thought was a bit odd given the current state of the economy and car companies in particular.  But the kicker came when he told me that I would be "penalized" for paying cash.  Yes, you got that right.  It seems Ford is offering a $2,500 rebate on purchases, but only if you finance through Ford credit.  For paying cash I would only receive a $2,000 rebate.  In all my days as a financial analyst I never heard of such a thing.  Then this creep would not even bend on the price.  Needless to say I walked out.  Is it any wonder that American car companies are on the ropes.  Sorry for the profanity, but to Ford Motor – Fuck You!!!  I'll take my money and visit Toyota or Honda. 

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