The Trump Press Conference

I happened to catch the Trump press conference yesterday and was just amazed on several different levels.  First and foremost is that the man is a lunatic.  Putting him in the Oval Office would be a calamity for the nation and the world. I don't know why Hillary is just not outright calling him insane because he is most certainly mentally deranged. All that being said I was very amused at the way the press took umbrage at his remarks about their dishonestly.  They were indignant in comments after the event.  How ironic since it was the press and the media that has brought this lunatic to where he is today.  They loved him when he created great copy for them.  They kissed his disgusting fat ass.  They never asked him the hard questions.  The press is getting exactly what they deserve!!! 

However there was one aspect of the presser that I loved.  It was when Trump insulted Bill Kristol.  If anyone is worthy of being insulted it's this putrid man.  Kristol is trying to get a third party candidate to run in the election because he hates Trump.  Fair enough but Kristol is whistling in the wind.  As Trump pointed out the man is a loser.  He has been WRONG about everything and is a major LOSER.

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