The Twilight Zone

This past Friday I participated in a conference call held by Evergreen Energy.  As readers know I am long the stock but very unhappy about my investment.  Prior to the call EEE had announced that there were some management changes (again) and that CEO and President Kevin Collins was stepping down.  Incredibly, during the Q&A session many of the "questioners" began their query with congratulating Collins on the great job he has done.  Now I found that rather odd.  When Collins took over my memory recalls the EEE stock was around $7.  Today it is $1.  Great job Kevin!!  Maybe Obama can pick you to fix one of the banks or auto companies.  Most of the call was the same old EEE nonsense. Great things will happen if investors just have patience. Since the call, predictably the stock is down.  Maybe EEE should go back to its prior stance of silence to the investment community, because every time management opens their mouth the stock tanks.  When it come to EEE it's truly the twilight zone.

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