The Week That Was

Really friends how much more of this can we take???  The reality show known as the Dump Presidency had a week to remember.  You would hard pressed to make all that happened this week up.  Dump hit several low points even for him.. He sought to publicly debase and humiliate his attorney general who was his most ardent supporter.  All this accomplished was massive blow back from his own party.  These brave senators will forgive him for any number of offenses but not in criticizing a member of the club!!  Then Dump goes before the Boy Scout Jamboree and proceeds to give one of the most disturbing and disgusting speeches ever delivered by a president.  Even the Boy Scouts had to reject it. Then we have the spectacle of Dump,s newly minted communications director giving obscene interviews to the New Yorker.  At last Dump has found his soul mate:  The Mooch!!  I am furious that this mega creep is portraying an image of Italian Americans that I find repulsive.  I knew lots of Mooches on Wall Street.  Ultimately they all burn out or end up in jail.  Then to finish off the week Dump finally experiences John McCain's revenge.  Recall when Dump early on in his campaign called McCain a non hero for being shot down in Vietnam and captured.  McCain never forgot and last night gave the big middle finger to Dump when he cast the deciding NO vote on health care. There was even more this week like the transsexual ban in the military that has totally backfired for Dump.

You see folks Dump is totally unhinged and under horrible pressure from his family on the Russian probe.  Dump's behavior while always bizarre and erratic has gotten even worse since Junior got nailed.  The bottom line to all this is that Dump knows the financial revelations to come will surely destroy his presidency and his BRAND.  He will be shown for the fraud that he is.  His worthless family will have nothing to fall back on.  In a desperate attempt to prevent that from happening he will surely fire Mueller and prompt a constitutional crisis. If you think this week was crazy buckle your seat belts.  

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