The World Gone Mad

It really seems to me that the world has gone mad, and the main culprit in this development is the media.  Recently, President Obama mentioned the 24-hour news cycle that is so appealing and necessary for the cable news blowhards. The sick coverage of the Michael Jackson death is sufficient evidence that the media ( importantly including the Internet) controls the message.  Then we have the case of South Carolina governor Mark Stanford who pulls a disappearing act, then lies about where he was and ends of admitting he fell for an Argentine bombshell.  In Iran religious fanatics have seeseemingly prevailed and these nuts likely will have nuclear weapons real soon.  I wonder what coverage the media – and particularly the creeps at Fox News – have planned for coverage of the nuclear blast that is almost certainly going to happen?  As for such a mundane subject as the stock market I can't help but be impressed by the whistling past the grave yard resiliency of the major averages.  Indeed, the world seems to have gone mad!

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