Thursday thoughts………………

It's a wonder that Obama is even close to winning in November. Voters must really like the guy because most folks still think the economy stinks.  No president wins reelection if folks think economic times are bad for them.  Fact is Obama inherited a mess much greater than even he suspected.  He didn't push for a big enough initial stimulus with both houses of Congress in Democrat hands.  He bungled health care reform. Yes, things have recovered and Obama has faced unparalleled Republican opposition that borders on rage and hatred but ultimately the president gets blamed.  Not looking too good for Barry.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is once again threatening to let the US default on its debt instruments.  Haven't we seen this show before? Really, is there one statesman left in the GOP?. It's hard to watch Boehner on TV.  He is such a hack jerk.  Then again, Princess Polesi is not much better.  In my time a remember the likes of Sam Rayburn, Everert Dirksen, and Jacob Javits.  Real legislative statesmen.  Could we ever use a great leader now!

Willard Romney is not letting reporters ask him any questions.  Really folks can anyone envision voting for this guy?  Sure folks will vote against Obama and he will be their vehicle.  But I have yet to hear anything from this robot's mouth that would sound like coherent public policy.  If elected he will be a disaster.  Before too long I expect the "Mormon" card will be used in this campaign. It will get real ugly.

I hope that John Edwards goes to jail.  He is one of the most repugnant public figures in memory.  What a piece of human waste.  Got a feeling he will get off though.  He is a sociopath. 

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