To those that served: Thanks

Memorial Day marks the official start of summer.  This year it's a particularly welcome season for those of us in the northeast that suffered through a horrible winter. However, the discomfort of the previous winter pales in comparison to the horrors that were faced by the men that stormed the beaches at Normandy in 1944, or those forced to march to their death in Battan.  I'm a bit of a World War II buff and I often find myself watching footage of the battles that took place in Europe and Asia.  The sight of a bunch of youngsters in a landing craft on route to what was almost surely certain death in the first wave hitting Omaha Beach always stuns me.  I could never muster such bravery.  Most of these lads were drafted and many were just 18 years old yet they did what they had to do in order to defeat evil.  These young men in large part made it possible for me to have this blog which often permits me to rant and rave about the morons now in charge of things in this country. But for today at least all I can say is "thanks"  and to honor the bravery of so many exceptional men.

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