The importance of tomorrow when James Comey will testify before Congress cannot be minimized.  Comey's words may be enough to send Dump into full fledged melt down mode.  Indeed, I hope someone of sound mind exists in the White House to hide the nuclear football.  From all indications Dump is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  He is obviously delusional and unhinged and this all adds up as bad news for the American people.  Never in my life did I ever imagine something like this happening in my country.  Dump is clearly in over his head but he is too insane at this point to realize it.  I have visions of the day that he will run screaming out of the White House and have to be captured with a net by men in white coats!!! 

What will be very interesting tomorrow to see have the Republicans react to the testimony. These Republicans have for now behaved beyond horrible.  With them it's always politics over country.  History will judge these fools very harshly for not speaking out against the mad king.  And let's see what develops from Dump's DEPLORABLE base.  Only the most ignorant and racist among us could still come to the defense of this creature from the depths of hell.  However, many of these people are violent and own lots of guns.  Lord have mercy!!!

Anyway folks keep the faith and keep those green lights burning at night!!!



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