Too Little Too Late??

Obviously Marco Rubio had it in him.  The Florida Senator took it to Donald Trump last night in a big way.  He called Trump out for being a "con artist" which is exactly what he is and then preceded to dismantle the billionaire blowhard on several different levels. Unfortunately this great debate performance may prove too little too late to stop Trump from getting the nomination.  If only Rubio had done this before his back was against the wall.  

In a morning interview today Rubio rightly blamed the media for building up Trump.  This is spot on.  The corrupt media loves Trump for a couple of reasons.  First they love the fact that he is so outrageous and makes such over the top comments that he is great copy and boosts their ratings.  This is particularly true for Joe Scarborough and his idiot side kick Mika that have fawned over Trump for months and were even caught on a hot mike feeding him soft ball questions.  The second and more wide spread reason for the Trump media promotion is that most of the media are liberal and Democrats and they know that as the nominee Trump will be easy picking for Hillary.

The truth is that Trump is a dangerous man and that having him carry around the nuclear code scares the crap out of me.  Hopefully Republican primary voters will come to their senses before this con artist manages to capture the nomination although I have mnay doubts that will happen.  But as of this morning I'm truly happy that someone was able to tell him off.  In closing, my favorite line of the debate from Rubio was " if Donald didn't inherit millions he would be selling watches in Manhattan".  So true!!!!

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