I think it goes without saying that Donald Trump is an obnoxious vulgarian and I even hesitate to write about him but his current fight with Senator John McCain is just too delicious for me to ignore.  First off Trump's disparaging remarks about McCain's military service were ridiculous and uncalled for.  Only a mega-creep like Trump could say such things.  However, the other things he said about McCain were spot on.  Regular readers of this blog are aware of my utter contempt for McCain.  Indeed, I think he's nuts and if he had been elected president most likely would have led the country into a nuclear war.  He was a huge supporter off the Iraq war and despite representing a state harmed by illegal immigration is willing to provide illegals with a path to citizenship.  McCain always seeks a camera to posture in front of and is still a very bitter man for losing his presidential quest to Obama.  As I have said before I think those years as a prisoner of war scared him mentally and he does not play with a full deck.  Trump was pissed because McCain called his supporters "crazies".  That is what I found so delicious.  Certainly it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black!!!  

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