Trump on Trade

This week Donald Trump once again attempted to get serious about things and gave a series of speeches concerning trade.  Indeed, this is a very important and complicated area ripe for discussion. Surprisingly Trump made lots of sense in the things he was saying about trade.  Hard to say if he really understands what he is saying since advisers obviously put these speeches together.  Still the essence of what Trump espouses is to revise many of the trade agreements that are now in effect including NAFTA and many of the trade deals with China.

The truth is that NAFTA was a bad deal since it made no allowance for the displacement of American workers.  More so with the China deals that brought forth the greatest change for American workers of anything that happened in the 20th century.  Trump was right in saying these deals "raped" America.  Now I have always favored what has been called "free" trade but I didn't understand that this so called "free" trade was NOT FAIR trade.  If Trump stays on this topic he could start cutting into the African Queen's current poll lead.

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