Trump’s Dystopia

It seems the new "in" word is "dystopia" which is being used to describe Trump's acceptance speech.  So I looked it up to get a precise definition of what it meant and it seems to represent "a society characterized by human misery".  Well there is some truth to the use of the word to describe present day American society.

 We are a society plagued by human misery much of which is caused by would be despots like Trump.  We are a society in misery owing to groups like the NRA that think it's fine for individuals to own weapons of mass destruction.  We are a society in misery owing to the fact that we allow police officers to kill black people without any recourse or penalty. 

Of course Trump didn't mention any of the above in his acceptance tirade. What happens when Trump loses and his legion of angry white people with guns say the election was rigged??  We may then witness a real dystopia.  

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