Tuesday Thoughts

So many things to comment on this morning. First off I hope that readers heeded my warning of last week and didn't go near that ridiculously priced Facebook IPO.  The valuation accorded the stock was outrageous and I'm not surprised at all that the shares have dropped significantly.  Any competent Wall Street analyst could have seen this coming, but I guess the money grubbing morons at Morgan Stanley aren't very competent.  Once again Wall Street does itself in and makes the general public less likely to trust the financial markets. Greedy bastards still rule the roast on the Street.

Yesterday a judge in New Jersey handed down a sentence in the infamous Rutgers webcam case by essentially giving the guy who filmed his roommate having gay sex a slap on the wrist sentence of 30 days in the slammer.  Dharum Ravi acted maliciously in filming Tyler Clemente and the jury found him guilty of multiple crimes yet this judge doles out a ridiculous sentence.  Now I know I use the word creep very often to describe folks I don't cotton to but really the word fits Ravi perfectly.  He looks like a slimy creep who I hope gets deported back to India where he can work at a phone bank.

For some time now I have determined that Cory Booker was the man who could give the Fat Slob a run for his money next year when this horrible state in which I reside elects a governor.  However, after Booker opened his big mouth on Meet the Press this past Sunday to diss the Obama campaign I wonder if he inhaled too much smoke when he ran into that burning building in Newark a few months ago.  He was on the show as a Obama surrogate and promptly criticized a central talking point of the Obama campaign.  With friends like Cory Booker Obama need not have enemies.

Finally yesterday witnessed 43 Catholic organizations suing the government over their mandate to provide contraception coverage in their health care coverage to employees.  What a hypocritical move! All indications are that the vast majority of Catholic women use contraception on a regular basis.  But the men who run the Catholic Church have determined that women should not be in charge of their own health care. These suits are being spear headed by Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York who fancies himself the new rock star of the Church.  He is not a rock star.  He is a fat douche.  The Church should spend more time in weeding out the pedophile priest who infest their ranks rather than dictating what goes in the privacy of peoples' bedrooms.  I really hope there is a hell because all these jerks in the Church will end up burning for eternity.

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