Ukraine flashpoint

I don’ think Americans and for that part the world is paying enough attention to the goings on in Ukraine where Russia seems intent on annexing even more of the country.  As of this writing events in eastern Ukraine are starting to spiral out of control with factions of Russian sympathizers who want to become part of Russia struggling with Ukraine defense forces.  Clearly, this tension is being orchestrated by Moscow in an attempt to gain even more territory after their successful annexation of Crimea.  NATO has put forces on alert and the entire region is on edge because of Russia’s trouble making.  Indeed, the more recent events unfold the more this looks like the 1930’s scenario of Hitler claiming territory because of ethnic Germans supposedly being mistreated. To be sure I don’t want the United States to become involved militarily in Ukraine.  However, President Obama needs to tell dictator Putin that if he continues on this path of trouble making he will pay a price.  I think if Russia moves into eastern Ukraine that diplomatic relations with Russia should be broken off and all Russian assets in the USA should be seized. Travel of US citizens to Russia should be banned and anyone with a Russian passport should be barred from the USA.  It’s time to play rough with Russia to stop them from becoming the new Nazis.

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