Voting Disgrace

It's absolutely disgusting to witness the long voting lines in Ohio and particularly in Florida where it's being made very difficult for minorities to cast their ballots.  Some folks have to wait nearly eight hours to vote which is completely unacceptable in a country that pretends to be a democracy.  These lines are the result of Republicans intentionally making it more difficult for people of color to vote and it's a national disgrace. Moreover, if the election is close, which it's expected to be, there will be mandatory recounts in many of the battleground states which just so happen to have Republican officials in charge of the recounts and you don't have to be a genius to know what will happen.  Just like in 2000 they will attempt to steal the election. However, if they succeed in this election larceny I predict there will be hell to pay in the streets. Minorities will feel rightfully abused and who can blame them.  Danger lurks tomorrow and the consequences of Republican voter suppression efforts has ominous portends for society. 

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