Wall Street Trading

Yesterday produced another black eye for Wall Street as wild price swings caused by an errant trading program at one large firm caused wild price and volume gyrations in a matter of minutes.  One of the stocks I own was caught up in the frenzy and I can testify it was a wild ride.  The truth is that computers have over run Wall Street trading and the canny smart human traders that I knew while on the Street have been replaced by complicated soft ware systems supposedly designed by rocket scientists.  If you can recall it was this very group that played such a key role in the trading debacles of 2008 and 2009.  Yet nothing has been done to reign in these rogue programs and the result is that the "little guy" is deathly afraid of the stock market and in my opinion with good reason. As I opined last week in urging folks to shun stocks I contend most all stocks are now controlled and manipulated and that the "fundamentals" of a company mean nothing.  The exception being the release of "news"  which is now used as a favorite trading ploy to manipulate stock prices.

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