Washington Nonsense

I for one thought that with a new administration things would get better in Washington. I was wrong.  So far, Mr. Obama has screwed things up pretty well, and Republicans are just eager to take advantage of his miscues for political reasons.  The stimulus bill is a jumble of crap that probably won't work since it has so many needless expenditures that cater to the extreme left of the Democrat party.  Republicans want more tax cuts, which while preferable to many of the spending proposals, are not the answer in and of themselves. What is needed is a blend of proposals but nobody is stepping up to the plate with realistic alternatives.  Small wonder that the stock market is spooked and will likely tank big time over the next few days, particularly given today's employment numbers. Lastly, some advice to the President.  You won the election by a big margin.  Now act like it and tell those crazy southern Republicans to stick it where the sun don't shine.  Maybe some actual leadership will help. 

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