Watch out below

The President of the United States is in town today to talk about the economy, and I am very nervous as to how the stock market may react to his remarks.  It seems every time Mr. Bush opens his inarticulate mouth about the economy and tries to paint a pretty picture, stock prices head south.  I’m sure the president will attempt to reassure all of us that the economy is "fundamentally" sound, whatever that may mean.  Mr. Bush is the man who has presided over the collapse of the US currency, and I for one would like him to admit this historical fact and all of the implications it produces for the longer-term.  Under this Administration the inaction on the alternative energy front has been nothing short of disastrous.  Mr. Bush is at heart an oil man, and perhaps he just likes the current situation.  I would not be surprised to see the market tank today when our esteemed president opens his mouth.

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